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Robert Pickett:

Robert has always had an interest in photography from when he first acquired a camera in his teens he would travel photographing everything that he could. Mainly at that time in black and white. His interest in nature was first sparked with the use of macro photography of insects. Inspired by what he had seen it didn't take long before he was building up collections of pictures of all the creatures he could come across. After a change of career and a course in biology there was no looking back.

The turning point in his life was meeting his wife, Justine, where together they formed their own picture library - Papilio, in the late '80s. With his work and a number of associates, Justine has marketed and run Robert's work through the Papilio Library. Since then Robert's work is syndicated to a number of other agencies including Getty, Alamy and Visuals Unlimited.

Robert has been involved in a number of commissions producing books as diverse as: Lifecycles - amphibians, birds, insects & flowers, he has also worked on books about wildlife gardening, and insects and butterflies of the world, Bee-keeping, Dogs & Dog Training, plus many other children's educational books.

Robert travels extensively around the world to photograph the diversity of the planet.

Based in Ramsgate, Kent UK.   Contact: Tel: +44 (0)1843 599432 or Email: robert@robertpickett.com

 Robert Pickett

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